Winemaking and aging

Racking of red wines

After the aging that lasts for 12 months in oak barrels and the clarification with an egg white (a farm egg), we rack the red wines just before the bottling. The operation that is done using ancient techniques, demands some particular skills and a lot of attention: we are giving up the lees and rack the clear wine up until the last drop.   

Vinification of white wines

The grapes are pressed with a pneumatic press and the must is put directly into the barrels (20% of new barrel) in order to start the alcoholic fermentation. Aging lasts for 12 months using frequent topping up and stirring, followed by the light filtration and bottling.  

Vinification of red wines

The grapes, controlled and selected on the sorting table, are crushed using ancient techniques, i.e. with bare feet. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in vinification vessel during about 15-18 days with punching of the cape twice a day. The temperature is controlled with a cooling or heating system according to the particular needs. Afterwards, the must is stocked in the oak barrels (about 25% of new barrels) during about 12 months.