WEATHER CONDITIONS : Nothing is  certain until the final whistle has not been blown. This expression has nothing exceptionally original in it, but it suits perfectly well 2010 vintage in Burgundy. At the beginning of September, just after the month of August that had pretty poor weather conditions, the outcome was far from being certain. As often, September was quite sunny but not too hot which allowed the grapes to ripe normally keeping at the same time the right acids and small yield (the flowering was quite long causing coulure and millerandage). The harvesting started at the end of Septembre which gave little time to the winemakers to react.

CONCLUSION : We have produced a vintage of a great classicism, pure, well-balanced and rich that can be kept with no problem. The quality of red wines is practically superior to this of 2009 vintage.

RESULT : Wines are solid and  with good acidity. Nice mouth volume with  final notes that are full and long.

THE WHITE WINES : Nice fine aroma, with slight woody notes. The mouth is delicious and combines fruity aromas with richness. At the same time the final notes are exceptionally long with a bit of saltiness.

THE RED WINES : Fruity aromas with a hint of wood. Nice mouth volume, with full long final notes, supported by the tannins. For your information: in order to respect the product, our red wines are not filtered before being bottled. Thus, they may have slight  deposit.