Our Know-How

Only long and repeated ploughing helps to maintain the soil. Moreover, we use no weed killers in our vineyards. As for the harvest, it is completely hand-picked and the grapes are selected just as they arrive to the winery.

All our red and white wines are aged in 100% French oak barrels that are produced by several coopers from Burgundy. The merrain that they use comes from center of France and is dried for at least 2 years.

We bottle the wines ourselves in our celler, just after a light filtration. The presence of a light deposit in the bottles is absolutely natural and cannot harm the tasting qualities of our wines.


FOR YOUR INFORMATION : All our vineyards are harvested by hand just after their maturity study. As for the red wines, the bunches of grapes are carried in small boxes and arrive at the winery house in a perfect state, just before being accurately sorted in order to eliminate any unripe or botrytis grapes. This work is absolutely essential and we pay a lot of attention to it. Moreover, our red wines are clarified using an egg white – this work is done barrel by barrel, which helps us to avoid the filtration.