Cultural practice

We have always used two systems of complementary fighting actions. First of all, prophylactic fighting actions, that help to prevent all the factors that may provoke the illness: it is the case with hand and mechanical methods of controlling the weeds. (We never use any chemical weed killers).

We proceed with an accurate de-budding in order to avoid the overcrowding of the vines, since humidity represents the risk of mycosis development. Finally, we regularly trim and top  the vines to ease access to the air in order to avoid any parasites.

Thus, constant attention to the weather conditions and the development of the vines enables us to produce the grapes of perfect maturity and of high quality.

Finally, we try to schedule the use of crop protection products according to the system of the sustainable ways of fighting that we implement.

We carefully respect the approved doses and fix minimum thresholds of tolerance in order to limit as much as we can the pollution linked to the use of these products. That is why our work is correlated with the NPPO (National Plant Protection Organization).